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mardi 14 mars 2017

Eiffel Tower mock up replica

Are you looking for a very innovative Eiffel Tower mock up ? Our French company proposes a large range of Eiffel Tower replicas.

We propose giant Eiffel Tower with various dimensions : 1,1 mètre (3,6 ft), 2,2 mètres (7,2 ft), 3,24 mètres (10,7 ft), 6,48 mètres (21,3 ft) and 12,96 mètres (42,6 ft).

A large number of the Eiffel Tower reproductions in Paris with many photos of Mock Eiffel Tower Paris

High quality of materials to produce the Eiffel Tower. There are different kinds of design and shapes. Some of the Eiffel Tower are totally hand-made in France. They are produced on demand.

The Eiffel tower can be shipped all around the world by truck, ship or airplane. 

We have many customers all over the world. Eiffel towers are very innovative and could perfectly suit the elegant and refined decoration of your hotel (reception, rooms, bar, catwalk, shop window, lobby...) !

Do you hesitate to contact InnovMania if you have any question.